Meseret Mulugeta


Age: 11

Family Members: 3

Grade 4

Meseret lives with her grandmother and elder sister. She joined the FKL School in 2004. It was hard to believe where Meseret and her family live. It is a Kebele rented room with porous roof, whose walls are falling apart and the room is full of pests.
W/o Tewabech Yemam is a 70 year old woman generates a pittance by making a local drink ‘Tela’ to support her grandchildren. She gets about 15 birr (USD 1.09) profit per week.
Meseret was born with her twin sister. Her mother disappeared abandoning them to the grandmother. After 8 months Meseret’s twin sister passed away. Meseret survived because her grandmother was brave enough to walk miles all the way to a charity at ‘Zenebwork” to get free milk from a donor.

They use a common pit toilet with others and have an old kitchen made from old tin sheets and plastics. The grandmother said that Meseret usually gets ill because she doesn’t get enough to eat.

Meseret_class Mesereteating_large

The grandmother tries to provide the children with whatever food she gets for dinner but Meseret prefers not to eat since the food wouldn’t be testy. Practically the only diet Meseret get is from the food that the FKL school provides with the help of Feed the Children Ethiopia.

Mrs. Tewabech said she does not worry about Meseret these days, because even though her grandchild doesn’t eat at home she gets food from school. Comparatively she is healthy.