Sentayehu Tolesa


Age 10

Family members 2

Grade 4

Sentayehu lives with her aunt W/o Keneni Eresa in a Kebele rented house. Sentayehu’s mother passed away while giving birth to her. Her father was a soldier and never come back after he was sent to the war front, and they still don’t know whether he is alive or not. They don’t have a kitchen so they use the same room for cooking. They share a pit toilet with two other families. They have one humble bed and a blanket. Her aunt prepares “mesobe” (grass made plate) for her neighborhoods to generate some money; she gets about 10 birr (USD 0.73) per day.

Sentayehu1Sintayehu helps her aunt at home. She cleans their home every day before she goes to school. At home Sentayehu gets ‘Enjera’ (Ethiopian bread) with ‘Shero wott’. She never gets the chance to eat vegetables let alone meat even for holidays. W/o Keneni said that she is very grateful for the people who feed Sentayehu at FKL. W/o Kenens said it was difficult to pack lunch for Sentayehu everyday with the income she gets.


Sintayehu gets breakfast and lunch from Feed the Children Ethiopia feeding program at FKL School. According to Sentayehus’ teacher she is an average student in the class. Since there is no one to assist her at home she usually doesn’t do her home works. But tutorial is being given to Sentayehu and students like her by FKL teachers to improve their education.

Sentayehu is healthy and active. She promised to build her aunt a home when she grows up.