The FKL Organization

The Constitution of FKL establishes that the NGO would have members who participate in fulfill all the membership requirements. Among the requirements are taking part in different activities related to the programs. They are registered and pay annual membership fees. They elect the Board members and may get elected into the Board. They approve the programs. They review the Annual Audit Reports and they sign the minutes of the Annual  General Assembly, which includes opinion on the Audit findings.


The General assembly which is composed of the members of FKL is the supreme authority of the organization. The General Assembly would formally elect the Board members. The Board members are seven in number. 

The Board provides guidance to the management of FKL. It approves the selection and appointment of the Manager and has a final say on the termination of the Manager’s services.  The Board approves the budget for each year. The Board also organizes different committees to address different issues. Such issues include

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Visibility committee

The other committees may be those set up to address the quality of education, the quality of feeding, the social wellbeing of the students and the environment. Among these are the health of students, the hygiene of the children and the uniforms of the students. Some committees may be of ad-hoc natures. Other may be permanent. All these committee are selected from the members of FKL.